Fisheries Peer Review Committee

The Fisheries Peer Reviewer Committee (FPRC) is an objective-based group, representative of the IFFO RS Governance Board, which has a good understanding of the IFFO RS Standard, fishery science, fishmeal manufacturing, the food supply chain and environmental conservation. Representation may also be sought from external fishery scientists to advise this subcommittee on specific fishery related matters. The FPRC review the consistency of the Fishery Assessment decisions of the Certification Bodies in order to meet with the agreed objective of the IFFO RS Governance Board.

The FPRC's principal function is to support the development and implementation of a credible and robust assessment and approval programme for raw material used by the global marine ingredient manufacturing industry that seeks to gain certification to the IFFO RS Standard which in turn provides assurance to the supply chain that all raw material approved for use in the IFFO RS programme is sourced from a responsibly managed fishery, which has no documented risk of IUU activity within it.

Key Activities:

  • Review the FPRC approval mechanism procedures for the IFFO RS Fisheries Assessments to maintain their relevance with current market practise.
  • Review the Certification Body’s IFFO RS Fisheries Assessment outcomes to ensure the interpretation consistently meets the objectives of the IFFO RS Standard.
  • Based on the fishery and associated environmental issues, provide knowledge and guidance for accurate interpretation and alignment of the fisheries assessment for approval purposes.
  • Provide advice by way of decisions and proceedings to the IFFO RS Governance Board on any amendments to the fisheries assessment and approval mechanism to ensure the accuracy, relevance and credibility.
  • Provide input on documents related to the FPRC interpretation and guidance documentation as the IFFO RS Certification Programme develops and evolves.
  • Monitor changes to the relevant Normative Reference documents, FAO guidance or legislative documentation that’s used in the IFFO RS Certification Programme and incorporate amendments into the fisheries peer review approval and assessment criteria.

Members of the Fisheries Peer Review:

  • David Parker (Chair) - Young's Sea foods/ Fish processor/ United Kingdom
  • Luis Icochea - Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina/ Independent fisheries consultant/ Peru
  • Ernesto Godelman - CeDePesca/ Environmental NGO/ Argentina