IFFO RS 2019 Costs

Due to the rise in inflation, IFFO RS, IFFO RS CoC and IFFO RS IP Programme administrations costs will increase by 3% and will be effective for all current certificate holders and new applicants from January 1st 2019. 

This increase is to ensure that IFFO RS is able to continue to provide stakeholders and other interested parties with a robust, accessible and credible certification programme. 

Below you can find a full list of the new prices for each programme, IFFO RS, IFFO RS CoC and IFFO RS Imrpover Programme, that will come into effect in the new year. 


Item Pound Sterling (£) Assessment Activity



Annual charge/company



Annual charge/factory



Whole fish Fisheries Assessment/Species (if prior to next full Whole Fish Assessment due: V1.6)


Full assessment every 3rd year



Minor assessment after years 1 & 2



Whole fish Fisheries Assessment (Initial and next due full Whole Fish Assessment due: 2.0) 

Baseline 7,470 M1, M2, F1, F2, F3 Species characterisation
Category A Species 1,290 A1, A2, A3, A4
Category B Species 1,550 Disqualification from CAT A the Risk Assessment 
Category C Species 260 C1
Category D Species 515 Disqualified from CAT C the Risk Assessment 

Whole Fish Fisheries Assessment - Surveillance Assessments  V2.0 (after years 1 & 2) 

Baseline 1,545 M1, M2, F1, F2, F3 update on management system, any changes in regulations
Category A Species 515 Refresh key areas - current stock status, B/Bmsy;F/Fmsy
Category B Species 260 Short review to confirm B category accuracy
Category C Species 210 Short review to confirm - current stock status & that species is not overfished. Where overfishing occurs; risk that approved fishery is impacting
Category D Species 105 Short review to confirm D category accuracy & productivity & that attributes remains same for susceptibility 

Fisheries By-product Assessment - Full assessment and Surveillance set price





Category C Species 


Category D Species  310  

Fisheries By-product from Aquaculture

Full assessment and Surveillance set price 130  

Shared Whole fish Fisheries Assessment between countries* (V1.6)

Full assessment every 3rd year 6,695  
Minor assessment after years 1 & 2** 2,370  

Shared Full Whole Fisheries Assessment between Countries * (V2.0)

Baseline 6,180  
Category A Species  515  
Category B Species  515  
Category C Species 105  
Category D Species  155  

Shared Surveillance Whole Fisheries Assessment / between Countries**

Baseline 1,340  
Category A Species  210  
Category B Species  210  
Category C Species  85  
Category D Species  50  

On Site Audit


Paid to local auditor every year


*One fishery with shared management between other countries. For example, Blue whiting fishery shared by UK, Norway, Denmark and Iceland, Cost shown is per country    
**Only shared fishery surveillance assessment costs can be shared between interested countries.    


Item Pound Sterling (£)



Annual charge/company


Annual charge/unit of certification


On Site Audit


Paid to local auditor every year



IFFO RS Improver Programme


Pound Sterling (£)



Costs for the FIP:




FIP Application form registration process and revision (initial)




Peer Review Costs (by accredited CB)


A Gap Analysis 


B Stakeholder Committee


C Initial Action Plan (FAP) created for FIP


D FIP Action Plan Tracker (quote for annual review if required will depend on complexity)

415 (initial registration)



Costs for the Individual company participants:


Upon IFFO RS IP Application Approval 


Annual IFFO RS IP per Company Registration 


Annual IFFO RS IP per Factory Registration 


Annual FIP Action Plan Tracking (baseline fee, this may increase depending on complexity) 




On Site Assessment/Audit


Paid to inspector/auditor every year