Get IFFO RS Certified

NOTE (18th August 2017): All new applicants to the IFFO RS programme must now apply to Version 2.0 of the standard. 


The certification process for the IFFO RS Standard is as follows:

To apply for IFFO RS Certification please complete the RS Application Form 3.8 found in the downloads section and send directly to

In order to reduce the time taken to update any changes you may apply to your company’s certificate and to assist the assigned Certification Body, IFFO RS Ltd has also created a scope extension form 1.5 which you will only be required to include company’s details and the information for the desired scope extension. You can find the scope extension in the download section. Please complete the Scope Extension Application and contact IFFO RS Ltd. directly via

Once you have had your IFFO RS initial factory audit, your auditor will provide you with your Non-conformance list, it is at this time you should also request your auditor to send your IFFO RS certification timeline. This timeline will indicate when certain parts of the process according to the IFFO RS procedures should be completed and when you should expect to receive your IFFO RS certificate. 




Fisheries Assessments Data Gathering & Information Submission

In addition to the above, the fisheries assessments data gathering is the responsibility of the applicant to complete and submit. Basic guidance documents along with the Fishery Assessment Basic Information Submission Requirements and / or the By-product Fishery Assessment Basic Information Submission Requirements can be found in the downloads section.

Please take the time to fill out ALL sections of the Fishery Assessment Basic Information Submission Requirements / By-product Fishery Assessment Basic Information Submission Requirements document and attach to this form ALL relevant and useful information for each species linking to all their respective references and clauses, and send directly to the Certification Body.

It is important to note that the guidance contained within the below documents is not binding; final interpretation of the adequacy of a fishery at meeting each clause of the standard, and the approval decision for the fishery as a whole, rests with the certification body and their assessment team.

In addition to the guidance documents, in the downloads section you will also find data submission and assessment period charts for whole fish fishery assessments and for by-product fishery assessments. These charts indicate the time the applicant/certificate holder should provide all data relevant to the fishery to be assessed, the period in which the assessment team will produce the report and the review period by the Fisheries Peer Review Committee and approval.