IFFO RS Approved Whole Fish

The following list contains the respective assessment reports for whole fish raw material for the IFFO RS standard.  If you have any queries regarding the list please contact us at standards@iffors.com.  


In the case of MSC certification, should an MSC certified fishery be suspended or withdrawn and this is used in the production of fish meal and/or fish oil in an IFFO RS certified factory, then this fishery must be assessed under the IFFO RS standard in order to gain approval to be used as compliant raw material. This is both applicable in the case of whole fish and by-products.

In the case that a fishery loses MSC certification and does not pass through and IFFO RS assessment this must be segregated in the production facility from all IFFO RS approved raw material.

Any currently IFFO RS Certified factories who have previously received and used an MSC certified species that has now been withdrawn, in order to gain approval to be used as compliant raw material must submit an IFFO RS scope extension application form downloaded from the IFFO RS website https://www.iffors.com/get-iffo-rs-certified and send it to standards@iffors.com.  

The MSC certified species listed in this site were provided by some of the IFFO RS certificate holders during their application process, and as stated in the IFFO RS Standard all MSC certified species are recognised as compliant to the IFFO RS fisheries assessments elements of the standard. The IFFO RS Secretariat updates this list regularly; however, if any of the MSC species listed have had their certification removed or suspended, IFFO RS Limited takes no responsibility for the accuracy of this information and encourage all interested parties to check on the MSC website www.msc.org for the latest information and to inform the IFFO RS secretariat in case of any changes.

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10 Feb 2020 - 12:20


Approved Whole Fish | Australia | Small Pelagics Fishery Australia - FAO 81 Pacific South east


Approved Whole Fish | Chile | Sardina Austral /Falkland sprat [Sprattus fueguensis] Region X (de los lagos) FAO 87.3.3


Approved Whole Fish | Denmark | Herring [Clupea harengus] Subdivision 25 - 29 & 32, Central Baltic Sea (excluding Gulf of Riga), Baltic countries: Denmark, Latvia

Approved Whole Fish | Denmark | Herring [Clupea harengus] Subdivision 30, Bothnian Sea & Subdivision 31 Bothnian Bay

Approved Whole Fish | Denmark | Skagerrak Kattegat and Western Baltic Herring

United Kingdom

Approved Whole Fish | United Kingdom | Boarfish [Capros aper] – Northeast Atlantic


Approved Whole Fish | Japan | Japanese Sardine [Sardinops sagax – synonym Sardinops melanostictus] Northwest Pacific FAO 61


Approved Whole Fish | Latvia | Baltic Sprat [Sprattus Sprattus] Subdivisions 22-32, Baltic Sea (Shared w/ Denmark)

Approved Whole Fish | Latvia | Herring [Clupea harengus] Subdivision 25 - 29 & 32, Central Baltic Sea (excluding Gulf of Riga), Baltic countries: Denmark, Latvia


Approved Whole Fish | Mexico | Californian anchovy, Anchoveta norteña [Engraulis mordax] - FAO 77 Gulf of California

Approved Whole Fish | Mexico | Monterrey Sardine [Sardinops sagax] - FAO 77 Gulf of California


Approved Whole Fish | Norway | Calanus [Calanus finmarchiicus] NEZ

Approved Whole Fish | Norway | North Sea Sprat [Sprattus sprattus] - ICES Subarea IV - shared with Denmark