IFFO RS Certified Sites

Here you can find the complete list of approved plants under the IFFO RS Standard, simply click the plant name to view the certificate.

Note: This list is updated regularly; if a plant claiming to be IFFO RS Certified doesn’t appear in this list that could mean that that particular plant is not certified or its certification has been withdrawn or removed.

Some IFFO RS certificate holders are currently in the process of transitioning from V1.6 of the IFFO RS standard to Version 2.0. With this in mind, the transition may cause some delays in the certification dates of some certificates however these plants remain IFFO RS certified and the updated V2.0 certificates will appear on the IFFO RS website upon issue.  

Last update |

13 Feb 2020 - 14:32


Agustiner S.A

Coomarpes Ltds


Proteins Australia Pty Ltd.


Alimentos Pesqueros SPA

Blumar S.A.

Camanchaca Pesca Sur S.A.

Compañia Pesquera Camanchaca S.A.

FoodCorp Chile S.A

Lota Protein S.A.

Orizon S.A.

Sociedad Pesquera Landes S.A.


FF Skagen

TripleNine Fish Protein a.m.b.a


Negocios Industrial Real N.I.R.S.A S.A

Productos Pesqueros S.A Produpes

Tadel S.A - Certification in process


Sarval Bio-industries Noroeste, S.A.U

Faroe Islands

P/f Havsbrún



Copalis Industrie


Pelagia (UK)


Isfelag Vestmannaeyja hf

Lodnuvinnslan h.f

Sildarvinnslan hf

Skinney Thinganes hf

Vinnslustöðin hf


SIA Venta Fm


Copelit S.A.R.L.

KB Fish

Laayoune Proteine

Nouvelle Ougala

Protein and Oil Industry



Marine Biotechnology Products Ltd.


Industrias Barda S.A de C.V

Maz Industrial S.A DE CV

Pacifico Industrial S.A de C.V

Sardinas de Sonora S.A de C.V


Biomega AS

Calanus AS

Karmsund Protein A/S

MOWI Markets Norway AS

Nutrimar AS

Prima Protein AS

Scanbio Ingredients AS

TripleNine Vedde AS

Vital Seafood AS


Austral Group S.A.A.

Compania Pesquera del Pacifico Centro S.A

Corporacion Pesquera Inca S.A.C (COPEINCA)

Pesquera Cantabria

Pesquera Capricornio S.A

Pesquera Centinela S.A.C

Pesquera Diamante S.A.

Procesadora del Campo S.A


Golden Prize Canning Co Ltd

Asian Alliance International Co., Ltd

Jana Fish Industries Limited

Piyo Bhokabhan Co., Ltd.

Sirisaengarumpee Co. Ltd.

South East Asian Packaging and Canning Ltd

T.C. Union Agrotech Co, Ltd

TCF Co., Ltd

Thachin Fishmeal Industrial Company Limited

Thai Union Ingredients Co Ltd

United States

Daybrook Fisheries Inc

Kodiak Fishmeal Company Ltd

Viet Nam

Thien Quynh Co Ltd

An Lac Corporation

An Lac Sa Dec Joint Stock Company

C.P. Vietnam Corporation

Kovie Vina Co, Ltd

Ngoc Dung Trading & Production Co., Ltd

Nguyet Trang Producing Trading Ltd Company

T. C. Union Vietnam Co

Thanh Khoi Company Limited

Thien Phat Producing Trading Limited Company

Tri Hung Producing Trading IM-Export Company Ltd

Truong Phat Produce and Service Limited Company

Vinh Hoan Corporation

South Africa

Pioneer Fishing (West Coast) Pty Ltd

West Point Processors (PTY) Ltd