IFFO RS Logo Rules

IFFO RS is a business-to-business certification programme; therefore, the use of the IFFO RS logo isn't eco-labelling directed at the end user of the marine ingredient products. IFFO RS Ltd and its Governance Board are the owners of the IFFO RS Logos, which may only be used with regard to the marine ingredients produced by the certified units* to the IFFO RS and/or IFFO RS Chain of Custody (CoC) Standards. The IFFO RS Logo is protected by trademark laws.

According to the IFFO RS Programmes Logo Rules and Guidelines, the certificate holder must allow IFFO RS a reasonable time to review and approve in advance all of the IFFO RS logo on print and digital materials and packing (such as advertisements, packaging, web pages, collateral materials, POS materials, and video footage).

Please send samples of the designs and where you intend to place it on your products before using any IFFO RS logos via email to standards@iffors.com. This should take no longer than 5-10 working days provided the logo rules and guidance has been followed accurately. To find out more about the logo rules and guidelines, please download the document from the downloads section.

*producer plants of marine ingredients (fishmeal and/or fish oil), oil refinery, storage etc.