IFFO RS Standard


As the fishmeal and fish oil industry has continued to expand there has been an increasing need for the industry as a whole to demonstrate its commitment to responsible practises in the way of sourcing, manufacture and supply. In order to support sustainable market growth, decrease the impact the industry has on the environment and to provide stakeholders with a tool to demonstrate responsible practise, the IFFO Governance Board (IFFO RS GB) put together a multi-stakeholder Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) to develop a business-to-business Global Standard for the Responsible Supply (IFFO RS) of marine ingredients.

By way of factory audits and fisheries assessments (full audit year 1, surveillance audits years 2 and 3) the IFFO RS Standard Certificate credibility is up held and lasts 3 years given compliance to all IFFO RS Standard requirements. Certification to the requirements under this Standard allows successful production factories to use the unique certification mark “IFFO RS Assured” to signify compliance and commitment to the IFFO RS Standard.

After much development, the initial Standard was finalised in September 2009 and in February 2010 the first IFFO RS Certificate was awarded. From there, the Standard continued to grow in strength and is now the leading Standard in the certification of marine ingredient factories. 5 years after the original IFFO RS Version 1.0 was released there have been 6 reviews of the Standard each building on the original Terms of Reference (ToR) set by the Version 1.0 TAC in 2008.

  • Eradication of Illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing material being used as IFFO RS approved raw material.
  • Ensure that whole fish used in the production of marine ingredients are sourced from responsibly managed fisheries.
  • Ensure the safe manufacture of marine ingredients.
  • To have effective traceability systems in place to ensure that the IFFO RS compliant marine ingredients can be traced back to the approved IFFO RS raw material fishery.

To continue development of the IFFO RS Standard and to ensure that the programme remains at the forefront of marine ingredients sourcing and production, the IFFO RS Governance Board, at a meeting on 25th November 2014, ratified a proposal to review and enhance the standard to meet the expectations of the marine ingredient manufacturing sector and the global supply chain by the development of a new IFFO RS Version 2.0 Standard; upholding Versions 1- 1.6 and introducing enhanced strategic objectives, launching in July 2017. The IFFO RS standard continues to recognise MSC certification and GMP+/FEMAS certification, however, the new version 2.0 does not recognise the Chilean PAC until it has passed through the recognition procedure. To find out more about the development of Version 2.0 of the IFFO RS standard including what the process involved and what it means for current certified factories and new applicants click here

Visit the downloads section to download the Version 2.0 of the IFFO RS standard for a detailed outlining of the standards requirements. If you are unsure which standard you should be applying to please visit the IFFO RS version 2.0 page where the transition period is explained in detail by clicking here.

To see a full list of current IFFO RS certified plants, click here.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us at standards@iffors.com