Improver Programme Accepted Sites

The following list contains all accepted production sites under the IFFO RS Improver Programme (IFFO RS IP). In order to make an IFFO RS IP claim, a site must be listed below and they must be a stakeholder in an IFFO RS accepted FIP here.

Sites listed here are not permitted to use the IFFO RS logo but may sell products within the approved scope as IFFO RS Improver Programme material. Should a site require proof of acceptance other than the information on this website IFFO RS may provide a letter of acceptance to an eligible site. 

All sites on the IFFO RS IP must comply with the regular audit cycle according to the IFFO RS procedures (sites should ensure they arrange their next audit at least 60 days before it is due). The Audit frequency as outlined by IFFO RS shall consist of an initial factory audit (year 1) followed by 2 surveillance audits on an annual basis (years 2 and years 3).

Note: This list is updated regularly; if a site claiming to be accepted on the IFFO RS Improver Programme doesn’t appear in this list it could mean that particular site is not accepted or its acceptance has been suspended/ withdrawn or removed.

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16 Aug 2019 - 10:03


Procesadora Bayano S.A (Panamanian Small Pelagics FIP)

Promarina S.A (Panamanian Small Pelagics FIP)