Improver Programme Costs

The charges for applying and joining the scheme are as laid out below. All the charges are based in Pound Sterling (£). These charges were effective as of 4th April 2016. Any changes made to the invoice after being submitted to the applicant due to wrong details or currency will incur an administration charge of £50.

*Prices will be changing from January 2018. Please click here for more information. 


Pound Sterling (£)


Application form registration process and revision 500
Registration charge/ company 2,300
Registration charge/ factory 250
Once accepted into the programme  

Annual charge/ company


Annual charge/ factory



Fishery Assessment/Paid to Inspector directly

Fishery evaluation - single species TBC
Fishery evaluation - dual species same management* TBC
Fishery evaluation - mixed species** TBC
Anual review  TBC

On Site Assessment/Audit


Paid to inspector/auditor every year



*Additional species @ £3,500/sp

**Price variation due to the number of PSA analysis that maybe required on all the known species that will vary depending the fishery