IFFO RS Approved Certification Body SGS Perú achieves ISO 17065 Accreditation

(Tuesday 2nd October 2018) IFFO RS is happy to announce that on 25th September 2018 SGS Perú achieved ISO17065 accreditation by INCAL via the IFFO RS Standard V2.0. 

The accomplishment of accreditation by the IFFO RS Approved Certification Body SGS Perú not only helps to increase the accessibility of the IFFO RS standard through the allowance of a global reach, but also reaffirms the robustness, credibility and good representation of the aquaculture value chain. 

The IFFO RS General Manager echoes this by saying “Achieving this accreditation via the new version of the IFFO RS standard helps us to reaffirm our objective within the marine ingredients industry which is to provide a robust standard with rigorous certification processes that is internationally recognised. This recognition also contributes to the importance of marine ingredients in the value chain of aquaculture.”

Alfonso Chavarri, Head of Certification of SGS Perú says “We are proud to receive ISO 17065 accreditation for the IFFO RS V2.0 standard. With this, we become the only certifying body of this norm in the region reaffirming our commitment with the industry to promote responsible behaviour in order to obtain sustainable results

On SGS Perú’s achievement Rosa Cerna, Accreditation Coordinator of Inspection and Certification bodies of INACAL, explains “we proud to grant the extension of accreditation to a Peruvian certification to provide product certification services against the IFFO RS V2.0 standard, which will allow the international recognition of Peruvian fishmeal and fish oil as products with the highest quality standards in compliance with international production and supply standards, whose conformity assessment will be carried out by a certification body with national accreditation."