IFFO RS Costs are changing

From January 1st 2018 the new IFFO RS administration costs covering the IFFO RS, IFFO RS CoC and Improvers Programme will be effective for all current certificate holders and new applicants. 

The new whole fish fishery assessment charges will be effective upon the next full whole fish assessment that is due in order to complete the approval cycle. The new by-product assessment costs will be effective from 1st January 2018 together with the administration costs.

Why they are changing

IFFO RS is growing and strives to continue to provide all stakeholders and interested parties with a relevant, accessible and robust certification programme. This includes the addition of; new assessment methodology, increased assurance, impacts reporting as well as research projects and improvements to the programme’s governance.  

For further information and a complete list of the new costs please visit the IFFO RS website www.iffors.com/2018-costs or email standards@iffors.com