IFFO RS launches multispecies fisheries criteria for pilot

Following approval by the IFFO RS Governing Body Committee (GBC), IFFO RS has formally launched its multispecies criteria to be tested during the next 3 years with relevant fisheries such as mixed trawl fisheries in SE Asia. During this period, the pilot will work as a part of the IFFO RS Improver Programme (IP).

The multispecies pilot approach characterises fisheries using a risk-rating system, enabling the development of an improvement plan that will produce a measurable reduction in risk over time. This approach has been developed by experts in alignment with the APFIC (Asia Pacific Fisheries Commission) guidelines and has been comprehensively peer reviewed to ensure a robust and credible framework. The end goal of this pilot is to provide a credible and recognised assessment framework to evaluate multispecies fisheries. 

Nicola Clark, MEL Co-ordinator at IFFO RS, says: “The pilot will enable us to test the methodology in active fisheries so we can refine it and ultimately develop a credible and realistic set of criteria. This pilot will be considered as one of the requirements for acceptance on to the IFFO RS Improver Programme and over time work towards full IFFO RS approval.”

For more information about the IFFO RS Improver Programme and the multispecies criteria please visit the IFFO RS website or email the IFFO RS secretariat at standards@iffors.com.