Invitation to provide input on the IFFO RS Chain of Custody V2.0 Development ToR

(Tuesday 18th September 2018) Today IFFO RS opens the 30-day Public Consultation for the Terms of Reference (ToR) for the development of the new version of its IFFO RS Chain of Custody (CoC) standard. To take part, please click here.

In order to safeguard the IFFO RS CoC standard’s relevancy, robustness and credibility, as well as satisfying market requirements, the IFFO RS Governing Body Committee agreed with the proposal to undertake the development of the new IFFO RS CoC version. Proposed changes to the standard will cover; effective integrated management systems, subcontractors, labelling and logo control, personnel competencies, social and environmental aspects. In addition, traceability and mass balance exercises will be included in the new version and the activities of the users such as traders, refiners, storage will be differentiated.

The IFFO RS General Manager, Francisco Aldon explains “Stakeholder involvement is very important for the development and credibility of the IFFO RS Certification Programme. We therefore welcome and encourage any comments or feedback regarding the proposed changes mentioned in the ToR for IFFO RS CoC V2 development. We look forward to continue with the development and launch of IFFO RS CoC V2 as well as continuing to promote more responsible practices within the marine ingredient value chain.”

To download the full Terms of Reference document please click here. For comments and information regarding this process please email secretariat at or visit the IFFO RS website