Certification Bodies & approved auditors

As the IFFO RS Standard is managed according to the BS EN ISO/IEC 17065:2012 Standard it requires the appointment of independent Certification Bodies to undertake the task of auditing and awarding IFFO RS Certificates. The official Certification Bodies for the IFFO RS Standard are SAI Global and SGS Perú. These Certification Bodies are some of the world’s largest auditing bodies with offices throughout the world. The work by these Certification Bodies on the IFFO RS Standard is coordinated by the SAI Company and Global Trust, which is based in Ireland and SGS Peru based in Lima, Peru.

More information can be found at the following websites along with a list of the approved auditors for each of the Certification Bodies which includes a link to the approved auditors certificate issue by IFFO RS Ltd.

IFFO RS Ltd has requirements and procedures in place for the capacitation and training of the approved auditors to ensure a robust and efficient interpretation of the standard with the highest quality of auditing skills. For more information about IFFO RS auditor requirements click here.

SAI Global 

Global Trust Certification Ltd
3rd Floor, Block 3
Quayside Business Park
Mill Street
Co. Louth

Website: www.gtcert.com
Website: www.saiglobal.com

Tel: +353 429320912
Fax: +353 429386864
Email: info@gtcert.com    In Thailand: Vichit.Krupanyamat@saiglobal.com

Approved IFFO RS auditors at SAI Global

Approved IFFO RS COC auditors at SAI Global

  • Richard Wailes
  • Conrad Powell

Approved IFFO RS auditors at SAI Global Thailand


SGS Perú


SGS del Perú S.A.C
Av. Elmer Faucett 3348
Callao 1
PO Box 27-0125
Callao 01

Website: www.sgs.pe/ 

Tel: +51 1 517 1900
Fax: +51 1 575 4089

​Email: Erika.rivas@sgs.com

Approved IFFO RS auditors at SGS

Approved IFFO RS CoC auditors at SGS