IFFO RS 2020 Costs

In 2020 IFFO RS is changing the fees and pricing structure of the IFFO RS programme, due to a huge increase in the demand of IFFO RS certification and the need to ensure that the programme remains credible, robust and relevant for stakeholders.   

As IFFO RS grows ever stronger and continues to act as the leading independent business to business certification programme for the production of marine ingredients, it is essential that it continues to develop and maintain an innovative certification programme on behalf of the value chain and in accordance to the needs of the market.

Some key elements of this include;

  • Safeguarding integrity; compliance with international norms and strong assurance to ensure the positive perception of a credible certification programme bringing value to those holding certification status.
  • Increasing the outreach and awareness; to enhance the relevancy and visibility of the programme in the market which will aid to increase the demand for IFFO RS marine ingredients throughout the value chain.
  • Implementation and maintenance of effective systems; to allow for strong data management to aid with the continual improvement and development of the different standards in the programme to support the improvement of marine ingredient production practices.  
  • Improved communications; as well as supporting with the increase of outreach and awareness, this will allow us to be proactive in communicating the IFFO RS message in order to efficiently represent the marine ingredient industry and protect its the reputation in light of increasing challenges from NGOs and media, particularly in recent months.
When are they changing?
Certified Factories

In order to allow for a transition period for current certified factories, IFFO RS, instead of sending annual invoices in January 2020, IFFO RS will delay sending them until March/April 2020.

New applicants

All new applicants applying to the IFFO RS programme from 1st January 2020 will be charged under the new fees and price structure. 

Note: All new applicants to the IFFO RS programme wishing to apply must have submitted and have their application approved by 20th December 2019 in order to be invoiced under the current prices. Applicants must note that the approval process takes times and therefore should endeavour to submit the application form in good time in order to be eligible for the current prices. Any new applicants submitting application forms on or after 20th December 2019 will be invoiced towards the new 2020 prices. 



Item Pound Sterling (£) Assessment Activity



Annual charge/company



Annual charge/factory


Annual Subcontractor charge (if applicable) 


Scope extension or update fee 50  

Whole fish Fisheries Assessment (Initial V2.0) 

Baseline 8,200 M1, M2, F1, F2, F3 Species characterisation
Category A Species 1,500 A1, A2, A3, A4
Category B Species 1,500 Disqualification from CAT A the Risk Assessment 
Category C Species 500 C1
Category D Species 500 Disqualified from CAT C the Risk Assessment 

Whole Fish Fisheries Assessment (Surveillance V2.0) 

Baseline 2,000 M1, M2, F1, F2, F3 update on management system, any changes in regulations
Category A Species 600 Refresh key areas - current stock status, B/Bmsy;F/Fmsy
Category B Species 600 Short review to confirm B category accuracy
Category C Species 300 Short review to confirm - current stock status & that species is not overfished. Where overfishing occurs; risk that approved fishery is impacting
Category D Species 300 Short review to confirm D category accuracy & productivity & that attributes remains same for susceptibility 

Fisheries By-product Assessment - Full assessment and Surveillance set price


Category C Species 


Category D Species  500  

Fisheries By-product from Aquaculture

Full assessment and Surveillance set price 250  

On Site Audit


Paid to local auditor every year



MSC Verification 

Item Pound Sterling (£)
MSC Verification Fishery / Unit of Certification  2,000
MSC Verification fee per plant   250


Item Pound Sterling (£)



Annual charge/company


Annual charge/unit of certification


Annual subcontractor fee (if applicable)  100
Scope extension or update fee 50

On Site Audit


Paid to local auditor every year



Logo Licensing Use/Claim

Item Pound Sterling (£)
Fee per plant  250

IFFO RS Improver Programme


Pound Sterling (£)

Costs for the FIP:




FIP annual charge 


Scope extension or update fee


Peer Review Costs (by accredited CB)


A Gap Analysis 


B Stakeholder Committee


C Initial Action Plan (FAP) created for FIP


D FIP Action Plan Tracker (quote for annual review if required will depend on complexity)

415 (initial registration)

Note: Peer Review costs cover the initial review process for the FIP. Any additional verification or re-submissions will incur additional costs based on the complexity of the work.


Costs for the Individual company participants:


Upon IFFO RS IP Application Approval 


Annual IFFO RS IP per Company Registration 


Annual IFFO RS IP per Factory Registration 




On Site Assessment/Audit


Paid to inspector/auditor every year