Improver Programme News

This page provides information regarding meetings, workshops, training and outreach IFFO RS have undertaken about the IFFO RS Improver Programme (IFFO RS IP). 

IFFO RS IP Fishery Assessor Training

5th April 2019

Nicola Clark (Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Coordinator) and Deirdre Hoare (Fisheries Science Manager) from IFFO RS provided training to assessors in London on the IFFO RS IP application procedures and the IFFO RS Fishery Assessment process in relation to FIPs. This session was designed to go through the IFFO RS IP application process step by step and provide any additional clarifications as well being an opportunity for the assessors to provide input for future developments.

IFFO RS IP training


The Pew Charitable Trusts Workshop - Illegal Fishing: How Surimi and Fish Meal Industries Can Help

8th, 9th, 12th, 15th November 2018

Nicola Clark (Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Coordinator) represented IFFO RS at a series of workshops in SE Asia (Bangkok, Thailand; Surabaya, Indonesia; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) provided by the Pew Charitable Trusts on IUU fishing in the region and how industry can help reduce its risk in the Seafood Supply Chain. Nicola provided a general overview of the IFFO RS Programme and an introduction of the Multispecies Pilot Project currently being developed. 

Pew workshop


IFFO RS meets with the Department of Fisheries from Thailand (DoF) and the Thai Sustainable Fishery Roundtable (TSFR)

17th May 2018

IFFO RS gave an update on the development of its multispecies criteria and on the new changes to the IFFO RS Improver Programme Application Procedures to a full room where the Director General of the DoF Dr. Adisorn Promthep and TSFR members including its president Mr. Pornsil Patchrintanakul and new members from different divisions were present. Francisco Aldon, General Manager of IFFO RS and Dr. Nicola Clark, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Coordinator presented the proposed timelines for identification of baseline criteria and thresholds for its multispecies component that is aimed to be ready for pilot testing from October 2018. Collaboration between the DoF, TSFR and IFFO RS in the development and implementation of the multispecies fisheries criteria is of great importance for the marine ingredient value chain. This will allow the standard to be relevant and fit for purpose for those types of fisheries that are common in the South East Asian area. This in turn will allow the Gulf of Thailand (GoT) fisheries and other multispecies fisheries from the area to demonstrate to the world the true intention for improvement by implementing, over a period of time, an effective fishery management system that will protect fish stocks, the wider marine ecosystem and will reduce the utilisation of IUU fish in the production of marine ingredients.

In addition, it will create the opportunity to enter international markets and be recognised by the major aquaculture standards in the world such as BAP and the ASC in the near future. The outcome of the meeting was that the DoF is committed to work together with the TSFR and IFFO RS in order to help with the development of the multispecies criteria and to bring the GoT up to the level that the IFFO RS Improver Programme requires for approval.