IFFO RS acheives ISEAL Associate Membership

Following a decision from the ISEAL Board, we are proud to announce that IFFO RS has achieved ISEAL Associate Membership, enhancing the standard’s credibility and allowing for greater recognition by other standard schemes and international markets.

ISEAL is a global membership association for standards that allows members to demonstrate credibility and accessibility through transparency, robust systems and continuous improvements. Achieving ISEAL membership consists of a learning pathway and checks of compliance with ISEAL’s Codes of Good Practice, which ensure that standard-setters have well-functioning systems in place that embrace credibility and effectiveness.

Upon the success of gaining ISEAL Associate Membership, IFFO RS must now work towards full compliance with the standard-setting code (i.e. baseline and improvement clauses) within the first year of gaining associate membership in order to attain full ISEAL Membership in mid-2019. The following 2 years will then focus on IFFO RS maintaining full ISEAL membership by reaching full compliance with the Assurance code after 2 years of gaining associate membership and Impacts code within 3.

The IFFO RS Director Dr Andrew Jackson says “We are delighted to have achieved this recognition from ISEAL with regard to the efforts we are making in demonstrating our full compliance with their codes. This is an important and useful way in which we can show measurable environmental improvements through an open, rigorous and accessible certification system.”