IFFO RS paves way for standard improvements

IFFO RS has released its Monitoring, Evaluations and Learning (MEL) baseline report to lay the foundation for subsequent annual reports and allow IFFO RS to present defined annual improvements, which will aid in enhancing the standards credibility. This report is available to be viewed on our website (click here to view).

This baseline report is designed to outline the MEL system (a useful tool to demonstrate IFFO RS’s impacts within the global sourcing and production of marine ingredients and allow appropriate improvements to be implemented), the indicators used to measure aspects of the company, initial baseline data and future targets, in order for subsequent reports to effectively examine changes over time. Baseline data are important to allow changes and improvements to be monitored in a targeted way and identify appropriate areas for improvements.

Dan Lee from GAA says “The Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA) congratulates IFFO RS both on its membership of ISEAL and on its Baseline Report. The IFFO RS programme is already having a major impact on the responsible sourcing of marine ingredients and the new monitoring activities will provide a way to measure the scale of these positive impacts. The aquaculture industry needs sustainable marine ingredients so GAA will continue to work closely with IFFO RS towards shared goals. To this end, the two organisation are working on an MOU.”

For more information about the IFFO RS MEL system please visit our website where you will also find the MEL outline document to provide stakeholders and other interested parties with an easily digestible and comprehensive explanation of what the IFFO RS MEL system entails. For comments and information please feel free to contact us via our website www.iffors.com/iffo-rs-contact or email secretariat at standards@iffors.com.